Congratulations!  You have reached the official band page of Burning Icons.  Fitful activity is what we do best, and since it’s been a few months since anyone has stirred the coffee, it seemed appropriate to do something interesting.  Under the circumstances, that turns out to be this web page.

Wait, was that too detached?

No.  Of course not.  We’re Burning Icons, and detached is what we do best… I mean right after fitful bursts of … no, wait.  Introspective navel gazing is what we ACTUALLY do best.  So first it’s navel gazing, then fitful bursts of activity, and THEN detachment.

Which is actually our preferred procedure for just about anything we do.

(What, you were hoping for something substantial than that?  Yer outta luck, pal. If you want something more substantial, you’ll have to check out our bio.)


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